‘SHIRKSHOP’ is a design initiative started on the basis of Open Source Furniture Design. If you are a furniture fanatic why not try making your own furniture!

More about Shirkshop

About Shirkshop


Consumers in India rely largely on mass produced furniture in an attempt not only to save time and money but also to avoid the colossal efforts and confusions involved in collaborating with a carpenter. Consequently, one’s vision is consistently compromised at every step due to the carpenters’ limited skill set or his inability to perceive the consumers’ tastes and requirements. We, at Shirkshop, identified this gap and are striving to design unique, high quality solid wood furniture customized to your tastes through an open source design platform. Our aim is to collaborate and participate with you in the joy of making your furniture. We conceive, prototype and test before we roll out our designs to you. If you are a furniture fanatic, or just a young working professional, single or married and are looking to spruce up your cozy corner in a crowded city, then Shirkshop is for you.



At the Shop

Gourav Jaswal, Founder


Gourav Jaswal is the founder and Director of our ecosystem of companies across areas of digital interaction architecture, visualization, dashboard software and business communication. He also runs an art studio and markets niche hand-made products through a company focused on ventures, and also he runs a not-for-profit foundation to develop an ecologically and economically sustainable rural employment platform.

Srikanth Varma, Designer


Srikanth Varma is an Architect, Furniture & Interior Designer. He has specialized in Furniture Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. ‘Shirkshop’ was a part of his diploma project for six months. He believes that design is not the start or end of a relay between the problem and the solution, it is indeed a process. He develops furniture that are simple yet functional and precise.  To know more about Srikanth, visit his website.