‘SHIRKSHOP’ is a design initiative started on the basis of Open Source Furniture Design. If you are a furniture fanatic why not try making your own furniture!

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Srikanth Varma


Gourav Jaswal

‘Bricks’ is a concept developed based on how we construct everyday things by piling up. In urban India, we often do not have a proper demarcation between the living and dining room, and the book rack acts as a partition between two spaces. Our Bricks design is based on this understanding, and is flexible such that it can be arranged both vertically and spread horizontally based on the available space. The modular construction makes it easy to make and assemble. It can also be used to sit, place objects like sound systems, vases and of course any size of books. The versatility of its usage make ‘Bricks’ a unique concept.

  • Acts as a partition between spaces
  • Multipurpose use of the bricks
  • Can be rearranged in multiple ways
Make your own Bricks!
It is an open source design and all that we ask you in return is to take a picture of you and your furniture. Send us the picture to tadaa@shirkshop.com along with your name and story behind your joy of furniture making. In return, we will send you a custom made Shirkshop ‘badge of honour’ bearing your name and details. You may fix this honour badge on to your furniture. Deal!

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1 Comment to "Bricks"
  1. shashank singh

    5 years ago

    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the designs but is there any way to get all the raw material in one place, preferably online. On a side-note, you should start a eCommerce based on this . This would be perfect marketing strategy :P