‘SHIRKSHOP’ is a design initiative started on the basis of Open Source Furniture Design. If you are a furniture fanatic why not try making your own furniture!

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Srikanth Varma


Gourav Jaswal

Most young professionals stay in urban areas. Larger the city gets, smaller the spaces for living. In such context, standard six-seater dining tables are not typically used and also take up a large space. Therefore ‘Eatable’ is a unique solution which address the everyday problem of space constraints.The idea is to design a minimalistic four-seater dining table yet contemporary in style which is suitable for typical Indian homes.

  • Takes only about 1 sq. mt area
  • Knock down, inter lockable and unique joinery.
  • Different kinds of wood blend in beautifully.
Make your own EaTable
It is an open source design and all that we ask you in return is to take a picture of you and your furniture. Send us the picture to tadaa@shirkshop.com along with your name and story behind your joy of furniture making. In return, we will send you a custom made Shirkshop ‘badge of honour’ bearing your name and details. You may fix this honour badge on to your furniture. Deal!

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